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What can I do when Robot unable to connect to APP?


Move 360 robot vacuum cleaner close to the router and open the top cover. Ensure that the Wi-Fi indicator of 360 robot vacuum cleaner quickly blinks blue, indicating the network configuration mode. In WLAN settings of the mobile phone, search for the Wi-Fi network prefixed with 360AI on the Wi-Fi hotspot list. Note that 360 robot vacuum cleaner supports only the 2.4G band rather than the 5G band. For the Android system, switch off WLAN+ or smart data network and try again. For the Android system, grant all permissions to 360Smart app. Enable the SSID broadcast function of the router. Check whether the Wi-Fi hotspot of 360 robot vacuum cleaner is blacklisted by the router.



How can I reset the Wi-Fi network or reset 360 robot vacuum cleaner?


Resetting the Wi-Fi

(1) Press and hold the Power button and the Home button for 3s until the voice prompts "Wi-Fi has been reset and operate as indicated by the 360Smart app". At this time, the Wi-Fi is successfully reset. If the Wi-Fi does not take effect, power off and restart the device to reset the Wi-Fi again.

(2) If the Wi-Fi does not take effect, open the top cover and press the Reset button (location to be determined) , and reset the Wi-Fi again.

(3) If the Wi-Fi does not take effect after the preceding measures are taken, contact the after-sales personnel.

Restarting the device

Open the top cover and poke the small hole on the right side to reset the device. If the problem persists, contact the after-sales personnel.


How can I rebuild a map using the app?


(1) Delete the off-limit areas and set the device to clean all areas completely.

(2) In the 360Smart app, choose Settings >More> Reset Map. After one-click reset, all off-limit areas are deleted. Place the device on the charging dock before using it to clean. Otherwise, the positioning is inaccurate. After cleaning, the device directly goes back to the charging dock and waits for the next instruction.


How can I use the smart regional cleaning function?


(1) This function requires the latest version of the 360Smart app. Please update the app to version 5.0.0. It is required that the 360 robot vacuum cleaner version be V1405 or later.

(2) Activation: Make the device leave for cleaning from the charging dock and clean all areas completely. After the cleaning is complete, the voice prompts "Cleaning completed". Then, the device automatically goes back to the charging dock.


(1) The smart regional cleaning function remains activated after the preceding process is complete. This function becomes invalid if the positioning or map creation fails,Please put the robot back on the charging and start the automatic cleaning and rebuild the map.

(2) For a new map, you need to re-activate the smart regional cleaning function, and then perform the preceding steps.


How can I change the voice package?


You can change the voice package in More > Voice Package.


What can I do if the device is offline?


1)Ensure that the robot vacuum cleaner works in an area with well Wi-Fi signal coverage.

2) Press and hold the Power and Home buttons for 3s to reset theWi-Finetwork and set up a network connection again (currently, the robot vacuum cleaner supports only 2.4G network instead of 5G network. It is recommended that firewall or MAC address filter functions not be configured for the router).

3) If the preceding operations do not take effect, remove the dust bin in the startup state. Open the plastic cover on the button side and poke the small hole besides the USB port. Then, the robot vacuum cleaner will be reset. After startup, reset theWi-Fi network.


Why can't I successfully save the map?


Please  add off-limit areas before the robot go back to charging dock and saving the map.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

What can I do if I can't power on 360 robot vacuum cleaner?


If the device cannot be powered on, check as follows:

(1) If the device is powered by the battery only, check whether the battery level is low. Place the device on the charging dock to charge and then try again.

(2) If the device is charging by the charging dock, check whether the charging dock indicator is on green. If yes, the charging dock works normally. When the device is charging, the charging dock indicator is off.

(3) Check whether the ambient environment is too low (below 0°C) or too high (above 50°C). Use the device at temperature ranging from 0°C to 45°C.

(4) If the problem persists after the preceding measures are taken, contact the after-sales personnel.


What's the lower battery limit for the device to automatically go back to the charging dock?


The device automatically goes back to the charging dock when the battery level is about 10%-20%.


What can I do if the device cannot go back to the charging dock or be charged?


For charging, please note the following:

(1) Remove the transparent protective film from the charging dock.

(2) Ensure that the charging dock is energized, the power cable is properly connected, and the charging dock indicator is on green. Check whether the metal shrapnel between the charging dock and the device is properly connected (in normal charging state, the charging dock indicator is off).

(3) Check whether there is dust or foreign matter on the electrode plate and whether the side brush blocks the electrode plate, which will result in poor contact.

(4) After recognizing the charging dock, the device rotates a round. The recharge sensor works as long as the device is in contact with the electrode plate of the charging dock. Whether the device is straight does not affect the charging effect.

For homing, please note the following:

(1) If the device is far away, place it near the charging dock.

(2) Clean up obstacles nearby or on both sides of the charging dock. Leave a space of 2–5 cm on both sides of the charging dock to ensure that the device has enough space for rotation (the S5 model needs to attach to the charging dock after scanning, recognizing, and going back to the charging dock).

(3) Do not set any off-limit area around the charging dock.

(4) Ensure that the system has been upgraded to the latest firmware.

(5) If the map is reset, place the device on the charging dock, press the Clean button and then press the Home button to check whether the device can correctly go back to the charging dock.

(6) If the problem persists after the preceding troubleshooting measures are taken, contact the after-sales personnel.

Note: To make the device go back to the charging dock, ensure that it starts to work from the charging dock. The device may fail to go back to the charging dock in special environments, for example, there are mirrors, cameras with night vision, infrared interference, sunlight interference, glass, flooring angular lines of tiles, etc.


Why can't the device find the charging dock sometimes?


When the device goes to another room, the device and the charging dock are blocked by walls and obstacles. The device and the host cannot communicate because the IR signals exchanged between the device and the charging dock are blocked. As a result, the device fails to go back to the charging dock. There are objects that reflect light around the charging dock, such as mirror, glazed furniture, or other electroplated objects. These objects have strong reflection ability and reflect IR, which interfere with the device. There is a success rate for auto return to the charging dock. In case of complex environments, it is difficult for the device to find the charging dock. Success return is subject to the actual environment. The charging dock shall not be placed in the corner, and the distance between the left and right sides of the charging dock shall be at least 0.5 m. If the charging dock is placed in a corner of walls, a right-angle corner formed by the furniture and the wall, or an included-angle corner formed by the furniture, the device is difficult to find the charging dock.


Charging mode


Auto return: Upon work completion or insufficient battery, the device enables the auto return mode and automatically goes back to the charging dock.

Manual selection: You can send instructions to enable the auto return mode (applicable to the upgraded version) using the remote control or 360Smart app.

Manual operation: Switch on the power supply and manually place the device on the charging dock, with the charging electrode plate of the vacuum cleaner aligned with the charging dock.


Power consumption per hour and estimated standby time in shutdown state


The shutdown current is about 30 uA. Plus the self-discharge current, the device needs to be re-charged in at least 6 months. Otherwise, the battery performance may deteriorate.


What's the lower voltage limit for the device to trigger the self-protection state?


The device automatically shuts down the output when the battery voltage reaches 11 V.


Is it necessary to harge the device for 16 hours for the first three times?


It is unnecessary to charge it for 16 hours. The lithium battery has no memory effect. The charging can be stopped when it is fully charged.


Do I need to power off the device when it is not working?


It is unnecessary to power off the device.

You can place the device at the charging dock. The charging stops when the battery is fully charged and then the device enters the sleep state. At this time, the charging dock supplies power to the device. The device maintains the optimal performance in the sleep state. You can wake it up using the 360Smart app on the mobile phone. If you power off the device, you cannot operate it using the 360Smart app.


Is it necessary to place the device on the charging dock and start it up so that it can find the charging dock after working?


The device can sense the charging dock within a distance of 6 m in front of it. You can start up the device anywhere. It is unnecessary to start it up on the charging dock. When the device is out of battery, it runs around to find the signal for returning to the charging dock until it enters an area with a distance of 80 cm from the charging dock.


The battery is easy to get over-discharged if the device is not used for a long period of time. Is there a better way to independently activate the battery by the device?


When you finish using the device, fully charge it and then switch off the power. Keep the device on the charging dock. If the device is idle, fully charge it once every month. If the battery is over-discharged, fully discharge the battery, and then charge the battery for 12 hours. Repeat this cycle for three times. The battery will be gradually activated. However, the battery cannot restore 100% capacity using this method.

(A dedicated battery cabinet is required for battery activation. Therefore, it is recommended to directly replace the battery.)

Size of dust suction port?


About 15 cm


Why is the suction force small?


Silent mode (manually switching on the 360Smart app): The vacuum suction is 800 Pa. Standard mode (automatically switching): The vacuum suction is 1200 Pa. Pressure enhancement mode (automatically switching) for carpets: The vacuum suction is 1500 Pa. MAX mode (manually switching on the 360Smart app): The vacuum suction is 1800 Pa.


Dust suction effect


In the initial phase, you are advised to use the device on a daily basis to clean up dust accumulated on the ground. Alternatively, use the device for several consecutive days and then use it once every 3-5 days. You can make appointments in the 360Smart app.


Can the device recognize the wires, slippers, or other objects scattered on the ground? Will it be entangled?


Due to the position of the IR probe on the front of the device, it cannot detect objects lower than 2 cm temporarily. Therefore, you are advised to clean up objects scattered on the ground before cleaning.


What can I do if the device's cleaning capability deteriorates or has a dusting problem?


Check whether the dust bin is full. Empty and clean it. Check whether the filter is clogged. Clean the filter. Check whether the main brush is entangled by something. Clean the main brush. Check whether the air exhaust vent ventilates normally. If some objects such as paper dust or fines cannot be cleaned easily, repeatedly clean the area. If there is still dusting or performance deterioration problem, contact the after-sales service


Why can't the device continue sweeping in the previous route after it stops without finishing the cleaning?


The device cannot continue to sweep in the previous route after it is stopped without finishing the cleaning in do-not-disturb mode (if the pre-configured do-not-disturb time is due in the process of going back to the charging dock, the device will not continue to sweep in the previous route after it is fully charged). The device is abnormally paused during cleaning.

Note: The device goes back to the charging dock for charging if the battery level is lower than 20% and goes back to the previous position to continue sweeping after the battery level is higher than 80%.


Why does the device miss some areas during cleaning?


There may be some obstacles. If the device bypasses the obstacles, it will not go back to those areas to clean. Check whether the room door is closed during cleaning. If so, the device will not go back to this area to clean. Due to the device shape and side brush length, the device may be unable to reach wall edges and corners. If there is any narrow corner (or bottleneck area) or the area size is equivalent to the diameter of the device, the device cannot pass through the area (subject to the current scheduling of the device). Since the sheets are considered as obstacles, it is better to remove the sheets of a bed when the device is cleaning the corresponding area. The device may miss the area where there is a wall with a bright or tile surface.


Why does the vacuum cleaner restart to clean after it is lifted up during working?


Ensure that the device is not lifted for more than 1s. In this circumstance, the device will not report an error and continue to clean.


Why does the device still enter the off-limit area although the off-limit area is set?


The edges of the off-limit area just coincide with the actual space boundary. It is recommended to set the off-limit area edges to be larger.


Why can't corners be thoroughly cleaned up?


The corners may be too narrow. For a right-angle corner, the device can thoroughly clean it up with the help of dual-side brushes and wall sensor.


After the vacuum cleaner cleans up the room once, there is still dust if I use the flashlight to illuminate the floor in parallel.


Example 1: The washing machine is used to wash clothes. If you see the pocket of a washed cloth, you may find a lot of fibrous objects gathered in the corners of the pocket. Therefore, it is normal to see some dust if you use the flashlight to illuminate the floor after cleaning.


Example 2: You can see dust everywhere under the sunlight. Therefore, there is also dust after the floor is cleaned.

It is recommended to wipe the floor with a tissue and compare with that used to wipe the unclean floor. There will be a sharp contrast.


Why does the device fail to vacuum or clean thoroughly?


Check whether the main brush is installed reversely. If so, dust is easy to accumulated on the main brush. Clean the dust port, dust bin, and filter. (Install the dust bin and filter in the device after they are completely dried if they are washed.)


Why does the collision protection vacuum clean still collide with the wall?


If the wall is black and the surface is rough, the black wall will absorb IR light, and the front IR sensor of the device cannot sensor the IR signals reflected by the wall surface. As a result, it may collide with the wall.


Why does the collision protection vacuum clean still collide with table legs?


The collision protection principle is as follows: The collision protection sensor on the front part of the device transmits IR light. Being reflected by an objected, the IR light is received by the IR receiver of the device probe. In this way, the device detects the front object. Generally, table legs are square and cylinder with a small size and narrow surface. A square table leg is equivalent to a narrow surface or a line to the device, which is impossible to perceive. There is a probability of 70% that the device fails to perceive a narrow surface with a width of 5 cm. Similarly, IR signals transmitted by the device will be reflected to other places by a spherical surface of the cylinder table leg. As a result, the wall sensor cannot receive the IR signals. For a table leg with a diameter of less than 5 cm, the device will collide with it 100%. The larger the diameter of the table leg is, the more difficult the device collides with it.


The device pushes the trash can to move forward.


Most of the trash cans are round. The device identifies round objects through side collision.


Can the collision force damage the furniture?


The device may collide with small-sized furniture, but the collision force will not damage the furniture.

The dimensions of objects that may get collided with the device are as follows: Cylindrical object: The diameter is larger than 5 cm. Plane object: The width is larger than 3 cm and the height is higher than 5 cm. The larger the object is, the more sensitive the device is. For details, see the preceding wall sensor description. The device will reduce the speed upon detecting the obstacles. Therefore, the furniture or device will not be damaged.


Why is the vacuum cleaner stuck below the furniture?


There is no IR sensor on the top of the device. When entering the bottom of the furniture with the same height as the device, the device will get stuck there.


The vacuum cleaner cannot get out from a desk/chair.


The outer diameter of the device is 35 cm. It is required to leave a space of 3 cm on both sides. Therefore, the distance between obstacles must be at least about 40 cm for the device to get in and out smoothly. Currently, the device cannot accurately identify the gap and get out straightly.


Why does the vacuum cleaner hang on the office chair?


There is a support frame made of a round tube on the bottom of the office chair. When the front wheel of the device climbs over the round tube (with a diameter of larger than 2 cm), the rear part of the device cannot get across, making the front wheel suspended. When the device detects no speed of the front wheel, it stops working.

The diameter of the device chassis is only 2 cm. This is a normal phenomenon for a device with a cross-over capability of less than or equal to 2 cm.


The vacuum cleaner keeps colliding with my foot if I stand in front of it.


Because the foot is not high enough for the device to detect, the device considers that there is no obstacle in front of it. Therefore, it may collide with the foot. However, upon collision, the collision protection sensor on the baffle will acknowledge the device about the obstacle. The device will immediately reduce the speed. Therefore, the collision will not endanger people or the device.


Does the deformed side brush affect the cleaning effect?


The side brush in the package may be deformed due to intrusion during transportation. You are advised to take it off and boil it with hot water. It will become straight after drying out. Then, install it on the device.


Applicable ground working conditions


The device is applicable to dry flat floors in residences, such as floors, planks, tiles, and short-haired blankets (for S6, the length of short-haired blankets shall be shorter than 1 cm; for S5 and S7, the length of short-haired blankets shall be shorter than 1.5 cm).


Can large-sized garbage be sucked in by the vacuum cleaner and will it be pushed forward by the device?


The vacuum cleaner can suck in objects with a size of cigarette butts. Large-sized objects may not be sucked in, or else be sucked in and pushed forward by the device. Generally, there will not be such large-sized garbage. Most of garbage is dust, hair, and batting.


What are objects that cannot be sucked by the vacuum cleaner?


All liquids such as water and cleaning solution

Sharp objects such as pins and glass

Powdery garbage such as lime powder

Flammable substances such as gasoline, cigarette butts, and printer toner


The dust leaks from the vacuum cleaner when I move it.


The dust bin may not be emptied for a long period of time or large-sized garbage blocks the main brush.


Why does the vacuum cleaner generate a loud sound and has a poor cleaning effect after it is used for a long period of time?


If the sound becomes loud, there may be hair wrapping the ends of the main brush shaft or the main brush is blocked by objects. It is recommended to periodically clean up the device. If the cleaning components are aged, the cleaning effect may deteriorate.


Why does the cleaning effect become deteriorated and the moving speed become slow?


You need to periodically clean the device. Remove the dust bin and rubber brush and check whether there is a lot of garbage. Wash the filter. Then, the performance of the device will be improved.

Does the vacuum cleaner provide anti-dropping measures?


The device is equipped with a ground sensor that can detect steps with a height of 8-10 cm. When detecting a stair or a step, it automatically turns around or steps back to avoid dropping risks and ensure safety.


Why does the vacuum cleaner keep back off while working?


Prevent the vacuum cleaner from working under bright light. Do not use the vacuum cleaner on dark carpets. Check whether the ground sensor of the vacuum cleaner is covered by dust. If so, wipe it clean using a dry cloth.


The vacuum cleaner drags the mat while cleaning.


Objects with a height of lower than the bottom of the front casing are undetectable. This is a common problem in the industry. However, we will continue to make improvements. It is recommended that you use a relatively thin mat.


The vacuum cleaner cannot get off from slippers and move together with slippers. What shall I do?


Due to the position of the IR sensor on the front of the device, it cannot detect objects lower than the bottom of the front casing, such as slippers. It is recommended that you simply clean up the room before using the vacuum clean to make it play a better role.


What can I do if the top radar is blocked?


1.Check whether the housing of the radar is blocked by foreign objects.

2.Manually prod the radar and check whether it rotates normally.

3.Check whether there are foreign objects such as hair inside the radar.

4.If the preceding problems do not exist but the radar is still faulty, contact the after-sales service personnel corresponding to the purchase channel.

Why does the water output in the mopping mode is high or low? Why doesn't the device output any water?


(1) High water output: Check whether the water tank cover and filter cartridge are properly installed.

(2) Low or no water output: Check whether there is any water in the water tank. Correctly install the mop as described in the user manual. Clean the mop and replace the filter cartridge in a timely manner.


What shall I do if the device accidentally sucks liquid?


Clean and dry the main brush and dusk bin.


Why does the device spin in place?


There may be foreign objects stuck in the wheels of the device, for example, towels, facial tissues, socks, sticky candy, and toys, blocking the rotation of the wheels.


What can I do if the device prompt "I'm is trapped. Please help!"?


Check whether the device is trapped by the power cord, slippers and other items, and clear the obstacles. Check whether the device is trapped in a certain area (corner, chair feet, floor fan, weight scale, etc.), move the device to an open area, and restart the device. If the device keeps being trapped in a certain area, set the area as an off-limit area.

What can I do if the system prompts for exceptions during cleaning?


If the system prompts "Please clean the top radar cover" or "The top radar seems to be blocked", perform the following steps: Clean the top radar using a clean soft cloth and then check whether the device works properly. If the prompt is still frequently generated after wiping, contact the after-sales personnel. If the system prompts "The front anti-collision sensor is stuck", perform the following steps: Check whether the anti-rebounce strip is removed from the device. Check whether the front anti-rebounce strip works normally. If not, contact the after-sales personnel. If the system prompts "Dust bin is disappeared", perform the following steps:


Why there is abnormal noise during cleaning?


Check whether the main brush, side brush, or wheel is entangled by something. Shut down the device and clean it. Check whether the rubber cover of the main brush is deformed. Check whether the universal wheel rotates normally.


Why does the new vacuum cleaner sizzle?


For the initial use of the device, the bottom vacuum rubber may rub the smooth floor such as glass or high-gloss marble surface, similar to the squeaking sound made by soles on the NBA courts. If there is water on the ground, the device may sizzle when the bottom vacuum rubber moves in relation to the ground. After the device is used for a period of time, the bottom vacuum rubber is attached with dust or worn out, such a sound will naturally disappear. This is a problem that occurs during the running-in period of the new device.


Why is there a crackle sound?


When the device turns around, the rubber brush generates a crackle sound subject to the lateral friction, which is a normal phenomenon.


Why is there a clack sound?


1: Generally, this sound is generated by the main brush part, especially when the device is placed on the short-haired carpets. According to the design principle of the vacuum cleaner, the rubber brush is used to pat the floor to lift the garbage and suck into the middle hole of the rubber brush.

2: To check whether there is noise generated by the main brush, remove the rubber brush and other brushes and compare the sound generated by the device. If there is no obvious difference with the noise (the noise complies with the existing criteria), the gear box of the main brush or the motor is faulty.

Improvement: Clean the hair or objects wrapped on the main brush and replace the rubber brush or other brushes.


Why does the side brush suddenly stop?


1.Check whether the side brush is entangled by something. If yes, clean it up and then start the device.

2.If the problem persists after the preceding measures are taken, contact the after-sales personnel.


Why doesn't the brush rotate while working?


Check whether the brush is stuck by the wire or whether the shaft is stuck by hair or other objects. Manually rotate the main brush and check whether it rotates smoothly and whether the gear case of the main brush motor is normal.

What is the pressure resistance (loading capacity) of the device?


The device can carry a load of 5 kg if the load is placed horizontally on the cover. The loading capacity is decreased if the device is placed on the carpets, ramps, or doorsills. It is prohibited to step on the device or place any toys on it while working.


Why does the device have only a single side brush without any mop?


Actually, it is not ideal or super intelligent for mopping by a vacuum cleaner. A small mop will become very dirty after mopping a small room (for traditional manual mopping, you need to clean the mop for at least three times when cleaning a room with an area of 6 m2). If the vacuum cleaner keeps cleaning other areas with the dirty mop, it will make other areas become dirty, causing secondary pollution. You need to replace and clean the mop for multiple times.


Is it dangerous to touch the vacuum cleaner, adapter, or electrode of the charging dock?


The output voltage of the adapter is 19V DC/1 A, which is lower than the safety voltage of the human body. Therefore, there will be no danger.


Cleaning area for a single charge as well as the recommended cleaning area




Can the device work properly in a dark environment or at night?


The device can work properly in a dark environment, and the wall sensor and ground sensor are not affected by the environment. The wall sensor and ground sensor transmit IR signals, which will be reflected by the ground and objects and received by the receivers of the sensors. The sensors have own transmit and receive systems, which are irrelevant with the environment.

IR signals are invisible to human eyes but can be detected by the device.